• Team Kukua

How literacy empower kids and why it's important for them

The most common phrase that comes to midland when you think about children is, ‘Once Upon a time…’ Children who grow up reading see this phrase many times through their years. And it is easy to assume that this happens for all children. Yet, many children have no access to books and this affects if and when they learn to read.

Access to books and access to the human resources to facilitate the process of literacy is a gift that many children in the world lack. Today is World Book Day, and we at Kukua want to acknowledge the enormous effort made to make literacy accessible, we also want to assert the need to continue to ensure that all children learn to read and at the right time. The effects of COVID19 on education include reduced access to learning. It is therefore important that efforts are made to ensure that children have access and are able to continue with their learning journey.

At Kukua, we blur the worlds of entertainment and education to inspire children to their highest potential by modeling creativity, innovation, determination, and STEM skills as the superpowers needed in our world today. We just released a special 2-part episode that gives a special focus on the importance of books. In this 2-part episode, Tobor, the evil AI robot, steals all the books in the world, “Dunia” and plans to destroy them. Sema and the people of Dunia are distraught from the thought of having all their books stolen. Sema leads a protest to get back the books and fails at it. With help from Mama Dunia, she gathers the strength to keep going. What does she technovate to save Dunia? Watch and find out below.