Executive Team

Lucrezia Bisignani

– based in London –

Lucrezia is a graduate of Singularity University and the Oxford School of Drama. She is also the founder of Staanoi, a Rome-based non-profit dedicated to providing 21st century skills to high school students.

Saumya Chattopadhyay

Head of Marketing
– Nairobi –

Saumya has a postgraduate in Advertising and Marketing from the University of Herfordshire and 18 years experience working with top advertising agencies in Europe, Asia & Africa. He is also a former musician with a released album and a certified yoga instructor with interests in spiritualism and meditation.

Clara Muthoni

Head of Growth
– Nairobi –

Clara is a Computer Science graduate from Kenyatta University and currently doing a Masters in Development Studies. Her passion is to empower children to live a life of purpose through education and a dignified childhood.

Magdalyne Kanjejo

Head of Communications
– Nairobi –

Magdalyne graduated in journalism from University of Nairobi. She is a fellow of the YALI program and she is a current fellow of the Amani Institute SIM program. Her passion is to increase access to quality education for all.


Alexandre Terrien

Co-founder & Strategy
– Paris/London –

A Harvard and Singularity grad, Alexandre has a background in building highly innovative startups and communities. He sits on the board of One/Thousand, a global community of millennial leaders.

Alessio Vinciguerra

Financial Advisor
– London –

Alessio is a former banker at Deutsche Bank where he worked for several years in the Private Equity group. He has also worked in several VC backed companies where he holds advisory and strategic roles.

Julian Pickard Garcia

Marketing &

– New York –

Julian has expertise in digital market, business development and data analytics. He helped to build Google’s Tech & Telecom advertising business in Europe and is now a marketing leader for Google in the US.

Marc Shipper

Media & Entertainment Advisor

Marc is a transmedia producer & CEO at Schipper Projects. He is a top level executive with a strong mix of networks and experiences in both corporate and entrepreneurial settings. He has a proven track record in strategic leadership, restructuring, mergers & acquisitions, financing and content production.


Digital Education & Testing
– London – 

A digital education expert, Stephen has worked for UNESCO, the EU, and the British Council  in emerging economies. He is a regular adviser for education ministries, universities, and educational companies.


Dr. Helen Abdazi

Literacy Advisor
– Washington – 

Helen spent 27 years at the World Bank and knows 19 languages. Her research in cognitive neuroscience helps improve low-income education and made early-grade reading fluency become an international priority.

Chia Chin Lee

Gaming Advisor
– Seattle –

Chia Chin Lee is an entrepreneur and game designer with 2 exits (Sony + Playdom/Disney). He has a deep passion for building products and businesses that combine entertainment, technology, and media.

Dr. Prasad Pram

Adaptive learning Advisor
– Palo Alto –

Prasad is the founder of Gooru Learning, a California-based nonprofit dedicated to building technology for education. Previously, Pram spent his career leading products and R&D at Yahoo!, Google and Xerox.

Paolo Barletta

Funding Advisor
– Rome –

An entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Paolo is the CEO of Barletta Group as well as an investor in early stage startups and Myllennium Awards. Paolo is Kukua’s fundraising lead.

Product Team

Chief Nyamweya

Screenplay & Narrative
– Nairobi –

Chief is a graphic novelist, illustrator, and entrepreneur. He graduated from Singularity University, published over eight books and produced as many animated films with his Nairobi-based studio, The Tsunami.

Claudia Llyod

– Nairobi –

Claudia is the creator and producer of internationally successful shows – Animated Mr Bean, Charlie and Lola and Tinga Tinga Tales. A Multi-Bafta Award winner, her ambition now is to create high quality shows that talk to a global audience, entertain and educate children.

Lara Oliveti

– Modena –

Lara is the founder and CEO of Melazeta. She has +15 of experience in building games, digital entertainment and edutainment products for premium brands. She was also part of the first Italian masters in multimedia technology.

Jonathan Gervasi

Game Designer
– Modena –

Jonathan is a game designer and writer with a real passion for creative projects. He has +10 years of experience in building online and mobile games with Melazeta. He also wrote a Science Fantasy Book Series.

Luca Pinciani

Mobile Developer
– Modena –

Luca is a an IOS software developer at Melazeta. He graduated in computer engineering at the university of Parma and holds classes on 3D graphics in important Italian universities and multinational companies.

Miguel Guercio

Character Designer
– Modena –

Miguel was born in Caracas but his passion for directing and scenography lead him to the Comics International School of Animation in Reggio Emilia. At Melazeta he is the animator and character designer of games.

Daniele Poma

Digital Animator
– Modena –

Daniele is a natural artist and creative. He graduated at the Istituto d’Arte e Accademia where he studied comics and animation. He is the artist at Melazeta where he works on illustrations, storyboards and animations.

Carla Campana

Project Manager
– Modena –

Carla is Project Manager at Melazeta with a focus on educational games and projects. She obtained a RAI-organized masters in Multimedia in Florence and a degree in modern literature at La Sapienza University in Rome.

Andrea Felicioni

UI Designer
– Modena –

Andrea has +8 years of experience as UI and UX designer at Melazeta. He graduated at the Istituto d’Arte and holds a master as a multimedia graphic designer. Graphics and photography are his passions.

Luca Passini

– Modena –

Luca is SEMA’s support technician. He graduated in computer science at the university of Modena and worked as enterprise developer with 8+ years of experience in programming.

Phoebe Garret

Orginal Music Composer
– London –

Phoebe graduated from a Masters in Composition for Screen at the Royal College of Music in London. She loves composing a wide variety of music, especially for animation and children’s media.

John Sibi-Okumu

Lead Male Voice Over
– Nairobi –

John is well known in his native Kenya as a man of the arts and television host. For many years he was a teacher of French, a language which he studied at the Universities of Nairobi and Toulouse.

Phy Mwihaki

Lead female Voice Over
– Nairobi –

Phy is a Kenyan singer and actress. She came in second at the Airtel Trace Music Star competition, won Maisha Superstar competition and released an album.

Carolyne O’Connor

Content Developer
– Rome – 

Carolyne graduated from College of Education and Human Development at GMU, Virginia. She has been teaching first grade and kindergarten internationally for over 10 years and is currently a Primary School teacher at Marymount, Rome.