Gaming: The fun, engaging and effective future of education

31, 05, 2017|

Learning can be, and must be, fun and magical.  And that is not simply a wish stemming from our own days as students bored to tears memorizing multiplication tables or listening passively to hour-long lectures.  It is science. Study after study, such as those summarized by Michael Prince in his article “Does Active Learning Work? A Review of the Research” prove that active learning greatly increases engagement, retention of [...]

Human-Centered Design Matters

06, 02, 2017|

There’s a famous case study circulated in business schools about literally building the proverbial “better mousetrap.” As the story goes, a company in the ‘60’s set out to do just that, invested lots in design and unveiled a high-tech electronic masterpiece for the market. Its technological features were unparalleled.  It was guaranteed to rid homes of vermin forever and save money in the process since it could be reused. [...]

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