Kukua is a startup company leveraging new media and technology to empower children to learn through magically engaging experiences. Our vision is a world where any child can learn through an engaging, rigorous and personalized education.

We are a dedicated team of mission-driven entrepreneurs, game designers, cognitive psychologists and educational experts fueled by the research that shows how acquiring even basic literacy and numeracy can change a child’s entire life trajectory.


L is for Local

By | 31, 05, 2017|Blog|

"While mass education is a nationally-controlled institution, it clearly has a worldwide and universal character. Indeed, the curricula of mass educational systems show increasingly worldwide homogeneity and stability. Everywhere it is put forward as a [...]

Gaming: The fun, engaging and effective future of education

By | 31, 05, 2017|Blog|

Learning can be, and must be, fun and magical.  And that is not simply a wish stemming from our own days as students bored to tears memorizing multiplication tables or listening passively to hour-long lectures. [...]

Human-Centered Design Matters

By | 06, 02, 2017|Blog|

There’s a famous case study circulated in business schools about literally building the proverbial “better mousetrap.” As the story goes, a company in the ‘60’s set out to do just that, invested lots in design [...]

Open-sourcing all of our educational content

By | 27, 12, 2016|Blog|

Today, we’re releasing our entire literacy training path for free online, for anyone else to use. In the past 2 years of building SEMA, one of our largest challenges was finding pre-existing literacy content that [...]

Kukua’s Team Retreat: office-on-the-ground in rural Kenya

By | 27, 12, 2016|Blog|

In early November, most of our team packed their bags and flew to Nairobi for our annual team retreat. As a globally-distributed team – with team members based in Rome, Nairobi, Modena, London, New York and [...]

SIMA’s Beta version is finally ready!

By | 27, 12, 2016|Blog|

When we applied to NORAD’S EduApp4Syria contest – thinking we'd adapt and translate the work we were already doing for children in Sub-Saharan Africa with SEMA – we had no idea how challenging this was [...]


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